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The Successful Real Estate Process in Costa Rica

The Real Estate transaction is a team effort. And the better we know the team members, the more successful we can be. I have used “Processes” in my technical career for years so it was natural to develop a step by step process to purchase property in Costa Rica. I believe will streamline your experience from start to finish.


The Successful Real Estate Process in Costa Rica

Below is my step-by-step Process to assure the best experience.

Step 1- Remote Homework: I assist the buyer to identify the *LOCATION, “must haves”, budget, and then research potential prospects. There are vast resources available on YouTube to help you select you destination in Costa Rica.  The buyer must then travel to that area of interest, get comfortable with it and confirm the city or area for their future residence.


Step 2- Showing and Contract: When the client has the funding in order, we execute in person- showing 3 to 5 properties and create a contract to purchase with Proof of Funds (PoF) attached. If you are the seller, would you want to see a PoF with an offer?


Step 3- Acceptance to Close: Complete due diligence (with inspections), coordinate with legal counsel, open escrow accounts and close the sale.


I prefer to use a Buyer’s Agent agreement to make you my top priority and to offer you my premier optional services. *LOCATION is the most crucial factor in Real Estate and thus the first item the buyer needs to confirm.

One of many beautiful waterfalls that can be found with ATVs or hiking near Quepos, Costa Rica.

Please help me understand your level of interest by answering a few brief questions. These are the top questions recommended by realtors to enable a successful Real Estate transaction. 

*Are you working with other realtors in this area?

*Can you please define your property of interest or wishing to sell?

What is your budget (buyers) or target selling price (sellers)?

*How well do you know the region or location (buyers)?

What is your ideal timeline to execute?

Thank you and Pura Vida

*A situation can arise if you contact another realtor and later decide that you would like to engage my services. The original realtor may claim that you are “their client” and it is likely that they will not cooperate with us on a transaction.


*Knowing where you want to live is THE key to the entire process. Picking the house before picking the city can be something you could regret for years and I will not enable that. The buyer will need to do research online and then visit the area so you are comfortable with the choice.

Douglas Voita (Mr Costa Rica)

Sol Dorado Residencias

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

561-501-1058 International


Thanks for submitting!

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